Guidance document on Good Cell and Tissue Culture Practice 2.0 (GCCP 2.0)

Pamies David, Leist Marcel, Coecke Sandra, Bowe Gerard, Allen David G., Gstraunthaler Gerhard, Bal-Price Anna, Pistollato Francesca, de Vries Rob B. M., Hogberg Helena T., Hartung Thomas
DOI: 10.14573/altex.2111011
PMID: 34882777
Keyword: Cell models · Cell culture · Good Cell and Tissue Culture Practice · GCCP


Good Cell and Tissue Culture Practice (GCCP) 2.0 is an updated guidance document from GCCP 1.0 (published by ECVAM in 2005), which was developed for practical use in the laboratory to assure the reproducibility of in vitro (cell-based) work. The update in the guidance was essential as cell models have advanced dramatically to more complex culture systems and need more comprehensive quality management to ensure reproducibility and high-quality scientific data. This document describes six main principles to consider when performing cell culture including characterization and maintenance of essential characteristics, quality management, documentation and reporting, safety, education and training, and ethics. The document does not intend to impose detailed procedures but to describe potential quality issues. It is foreseen that the document will require further updates as the science and technologies evolve over time.