RISK assessment of chemicals integrating HUman centric Next generation Testing strategies promoting the 3Rs

The project in short

RISK-HUNT3R, short for “RISK assessment of chemicals integrating HUman centric Next generation Testing strategies promoting the 3Rs”, is a European Research & Innovation project funded under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. The 5-year project runs from June 2021 with a funded budget of €22.9M. RISK-HUNT3R builds on the outcomes of the Horizon 2020 toxicological flagship project EU-ToxRisk, ending by the end of 2021.


Science and society are increasingly demanding a paradigm shift towards chemical safety and risk assessment without using animals. In addition to growing ethical concerns around the use of animal studies, there is the fundamental need to address all potential health effects relevant and specific to humans. In addition, due to increasing regulatory demands, the limited laboratory capacity and high costs of animal-based testing is becoming a hurdle for the provision of all desired information requirements for chemicals safety assessment.


The project will develop, validate and implement integrated approaches to lead the way towards next-generation risk assessment (NGRA). Innovative mechanism-based new approach methods (NAMs) will exclusively be in vitro and in silico and relevant for human health. Through systematic and iterative evaluation of its NAM toolbox, the project will optimize a strategy to assess chemical exposure, toxicokinetics, and toxicodynamics.

RISK-HUNT3R will provide a full sustainable framework for NGRA that is human-relevant, fully based on non-animal approaches, and fit for implementation through engagement with chemical safety regulators.

Research cluster ASPIS

RISK-HUNT3R is one of three projects constituting the research cluster ASPIS (“Animal-free Safety assessment of chemicals: Project cluster for Implementation of novel Strategies”). Together with the projects ONTOX and PrecisionTOX, this will represent Europe’s €60M effort towards the sustainable, animal-free and reliable chemical risk assessment of tomorrow.




RISK-HUNT3R members, Tamara Danilyuk and Kirsten Veltman, were awarded for their scientific contributions at EUROTOX2023. Tamara Danilyuk (Leiden University) received the EUROTOX 2023 Early Career Award/ ECETOC Christa Hennes Award for her work on toxicological...

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RISK-HUNT3R Best Poster Award at QSAR2023

RISK-HUNT3R Best Poster Award at QSAR2023

The RISK-HUNT3R project attended the 20th International Workshop on (Q)SAR in Environmental and Health Sciences in June 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Palle Steen Helmke, from University of Vienna (Austria), has received the Best Poster Award 2023 for his work on...

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