Taking place in Nigara Falls (Canada) on August 27-31 2023, the 12th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences (WC12) had for objective “to bring together multidisciplinary stakeholders from academia, industry, government, and non-profit sectors under one roof to advance the 3Rs—to reduce, refine, and replace the use of animals in the life sciences”. RISK-HUNT3R partners contributed to the WC12 with several talks and posters.

RISK-HUNT3R/ASPIS information material was distributed at project booth #38 at the conference exhibition.
Unilever organized the well-visited #UseScienceNotAnimals World Café, where several RISK-HUNT3R partners pitched their alternative approaches to animal testing.

Dedicated sessions on ASPIS activities included:

  • #S455 Progress in Quantifying Adverse Outcome Pathways to Support Next Generation Risk Assessment chaired by Huan Yang (ONTOX) and Mark Cronin (RISK-HUNT3R);
  • #S449 ASPIS: From Molecular Toxicology to Regulatory Acceptance – the Next Steps for Animal-Free Testing chaired by Bob van de Water (RISK-HUNT3R) and Mathieu Vinken (ONTOX).

Matteo Piumatti (Altertox) interviewed several ASPIS members like Dr Gladys Ouédraogo, Sylvia Escher and Elisabet Berggren from RISK-HUNT3R, Eliška Kuchovská and Mathieu Vinken from ONTOX, as well as Jonathan Freedman from PrecisionTox to hear their impressions of the WC12. Videos are available on the Altertox webpage dedicated to the event.