ASPIS Open Symposium during ESTIV Congress 24-25 November 2022

ASPIS Open Symposium during ESTIV Congress 24-25 November 2022

The ASPIS Open Symposium will happen during the 21st European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV) Congress on 24-25 November 2022 in Sitges, Barcelona (Spain), a bi-annual appointment aiming to create a forum of scientists in a unique atmosphere for discussions and knowledge exchange focusing on the development of in vitro and in silico approaches.

During this event, the ASPIS cluster will present the work performed by the three Horizon 2020 projects composing the consortia (ONTOX, PrecisionTOX, and RISKHUNT3R). The objectives of the ASPIS Open Symposium will include: 

  • Increasing confidence in and promoting NAM regulatory uptake; 
  • Delineating foreseen ASPIS impact on regulatory issues; 
  • Engaging young researchers and supporting scientific networking; 
  • Facilitating interactions among ASPIS and international stakeholders

To consult the tentative agenda, please click here. Registration are already open! You can access the registration page by clicking on the following button.


Orienteering for regulatory needs – Symposium

The RH3R mini-symposium “Orienteering for regulatory needs” is scheduled on March 14 (virtual, 3:30 – 6:00 PM CET). The mini-symposium aims to summarize the workshop discussion and engage a broader audience on this crucial topic. If you are interested in attending this event, you can register at this link. Please find the agenda attached here.


On the 3rd and 4th of November 2021, the Final Symposium of the EU-ToxRisk project was held in Brussels, Belgium, and online. The purpose of this event was for the EU-ToxRisk consortium partners to present their results, and to discuss the different strategies and methods developed within the project with external stakeholders.  

This meeting was a way for the EU-ToxRisk project to pass the torch to the RISK HUNT3R consortium. and to formally introduce, the ASPIS cluster, which is a collaboration of the H2020 funded projects ONTOXPrecisionTOX and RISK-HUNT3R 

During the ASPIS Kick-off meeting, which constituted the fourth part of the event, each project was presented as well as the purpose and planned implementation of the ASPIS Cluster. It was an opportunity for cluster members to meet each other in person and to exchange about how the projects can collaborate together.  




On the 12th and 13th of October 2021 happened the face-to-face Kick-off Meeting of the European project RISK-HUNT3R in Egmond an Zee, the Netherlands. This meeting was organised in connection with the Final General assembly of the EU-ToxRisk project, held on 11-12 October.  

RISK-HUNT3R being the continuation of the research made during the EU-ToxRisk project, it was an opportunity for all consortium members to finally meet in person, after a first online meeting in June. 

All partners had the occasion to introduce themselves, discuss the progress made so far in each work package, and to learn more about the results obtained by the EU-ToxRisk consortium.   

Meet RISK-HUNT3R at the ASPIS cluster kick-off meeting, on 04 Nov 2021, at Le Square, Brussels (BE) – Registration open until 1st October

Meet RISK-HUNT3R at the ASPIS cluster kick-off meeting, on 04 Nov 2021, at Le Square, Brussels (BE) – Registration open until 1st October

The RISK-HUNT3R project will be presented in the afternoon of 04 November 2021, at Le Square convention centre, in Brussels (BE), in the framework of the ASPIS cluster Kick-off meeting.

The ASPIS cluster comprises of three related EU projects – RISK-HUNT3R, ONTOX, and PrecisionTOX – focussing on different aspects of toxicology and safety testing strategies. The three projects will work together and organise joint dissemination and communication activities over the next 5 years. At the ASPIS kick-off meeting you can become acquainted with the RISK-HUNT3R, ONTOX and PrecisionTOX projects, and their projected collaborations.

Le Square convention centre, in Brussels (BE)

The ASPIS cluster Kick-off meeting itself will be embedded in yet another big event: the Final Symposium of the EU-ToxRisk project, the predecessor of RISK-HUNT3R. We would thus be delighted to welcome you also to this public event, where you can discover the main results, developed tools and learnings of EU-ToxRisk, all which constitute the basis of the RISK-HUNT3R  project.

Registration now open until 1st October here: EU-ToxRisk Final Open Symposium 2021